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PROGRESS TANK CUSTOMER RESOURCES Welcome to our Customer Resources page. Here you can browse our product brochures, access equipment manuals, apply for financing, and fill out our warranty form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone (1-800-467-5600) or by email (

Kansas City, K.S., 5/26/2020 – Garsite, a leading manufacturer of aviation refueling and specialty pumping equipment, announces the launch of its line of disinfecting equipment. The intuitive products offer simple, no-touch applications of chemicals to ensure effective and efficient disinfectant distribution.

“We are excited to launch products that make deploying disinfectant chemicals easier than ever before,” said Teresa Montgomery, Vice President and General Manager of Garsite. “Shifting to the sanitation market was a natural evolution for Garsite as we leverage our over 68 year’s experience in fluid mechanics to help the world in a time where disinfection is of the utmost importance.”

There are two products available in the line, including the MA-2 Defense Cart that features a fogger/mister nozzle and high volume airflow for optimal coverage. The cart makes disinfection easily accessible as it is easy to roll around offices, manufacturing facilities, public transportation terminals, airports, warehouses, and [...]

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