Garsite Launches New Line of Disinfectant Products

Kansas City, K.S., 5/26/2020 – Garsite, a leading manufacturer of aviation refueling and specialty pumping equipment, announces the launch of its line of disinfecting equipment. The intuitive products offer simple, no-touch applications of chemicals to ensure effective and efficient disinfectant distribution.

“We are excited to launch products that make deploying disinfectant chemicals easier than ever before,” said Teresa Montgomery, Vice President and General Manager of Garsite. “Shifting to the sanitation market was a natural evolution for Garsite as we leverage our over 68 year’s experience in fluid mechanics to help the world in a time where disinfection is of the utmost importance.”

There are two products available in the line, including the MA-2 Defense Cart that features a fogger/mister nozzle and high volume airflow for optimal coverage. The cart makes disinfection easily accessible as it is easy to roll around offices, manufacturing facilities, public transportation terminals, airports, warehouses, and more. Garsite is also launching the Sanitizing Booth that provides a hygienic and sterile pass-through environment by releasing a mist of sanitizing spray over objects. These systems are high-precision, user-friendly, and easy to maintain.

“I am proud of our team that designed, engineered, and is assembling the MA-2 Defense Cart in the USA. The ingenuity of our team coupled with the experience gained in our 68 years of being in business makes Garsite the great company it is today,” said Montgomery.

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Garsite, a Kansas City-based assembler of aviation refueling, specialty pumping, and disinfectant equipment, has over 68 years of experience manufacturing products for use in highly regulated environments. It creates chemical and fuel distribution systems that are meticulously engineered and safety-critical, servicing almost every major airport globally, including major products currently in use at all major airports. Garsite’s customers include major in-to-plane fueling companies, oil companies, airlines, freight distribution companies, and fuel marketers around the globe. For more information on Garsite and its products visit or call 1-888-GARSITE.

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