2020 Freightliner M2 106



Capacity : 3000 Gallons Nominal
Diameter : 72”
Material : Carbon steel
Tie-Downs : (6) Tie-downs
Bumper : DOT bumper
Deck : Smooth aluminum deck
Fenders : ABS black fenders
Meter Cover : Smooth aluminum box for LC meter
Toolbox : 18”x18”x36” driver side aluminum toolbox

Lighting & electrical:

Body lights : LED lights
Rear work lights: Two work lights mounted rear on gauge guard
Back-up alarm : Back-up alarm with over-ride switch
Controls : Progress Control System – AUTOMATIC Transmission:
Push-pull switch for Emergency Shut-off (front of tank)
Push/pull switch for Liquid & Vapor Internal Valves
Electric Toggle Switch for PTO
Electric Toggle Switch for Throttle
Radio Remote system: Three function Base Engineering ASK series system for Flomatic internal valve,
includes PTO, Throttle and E-Stop

Piping & Equipment

Tank valve kit : Rego “Tank Kit”
Liquid Internal valve: Rego A7883FK Flomatic
Pump : New Blackmer 3″ flanged pump, model # TLGLF3C, rated at 100 GPM, INCLUDES
a new Blackmer BV2 automatic bypass valve with two flat weld flanges
Meter : Liquid Controls MA-7 meter with LCR-2 Electronic Register. Includes Vapor
Eliminator, Preset Feature and Epson Slip Printer in the cab mounted on a pedestal
Register : Included with meter
Hose reel : Hannay Polished Aluminum Reel – Top Rollers – Model SBEPB 20-30-31 LT
Liquid hose : 1″ x 150′ – Thermoid
Liquid nozzle : Rego A7797A with swivel with Acme fitting mounted to front of reel

Discharge piping: Internal
Meter to real : 1-1/2″ piping with stainless steel ball valve
Automatic bypass: New Blackmer 2″ bypass valve, model # BV2W (valve is included with pump
item listed above)
Evac line : 1-1/4″ customer pump-out line, Curb side
Fill line : 2″ Coupling with 2″ Globe Valve
Fill connection : 3-1/4″ Brass Cap with Marshall Excelsior Proximity sensor tied into Auxiliary
Function Range Inhibitor
Vapor return : 1-1/4″ Rego A3209 internal valve with 1-1/4″ Globe Valve
Liquid level gauge: 72″ Float Gauge
Tank gauges : New Thermometer, Pressure Gauge and Fixed Liquid Level Bleeder
Relief valves : Two (2) Rego 2″ relief valves

Safety equipment:

Fire extinguisher
Marshall Excelsior chock block holder with retaining arm
Aluminum Marshall Excelsior chock blocks
Mud flaps
Reflector kit in toolbox
First aid kit in cab
Paper pouch inside driver’s door
DOT required decals
Back up Camera

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