Vac Tanks - Portable Restroom

Progress Tank offers a wide range of portable restroom vacuum service trucks to meet the unique needs of your business. Our restroom service trucks are available with aluminum or stainless-steel tanks in capacities ranging from 800 to 2,500 U.S. gallons. From ergonomic workstations to multi-compartment service tanks, we offer a wide range of options so your equipment can be specified to fit your operation. Whether you need a stock unit that is work ready or a specialized unit custom-built for your business, we also carry a full line stock tanks and high-performance parts to help keep your vehicles in operation day after day. Call us or visit our website today!


About Progress Tank

Since 1922, Progress Tank has been a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted tanks used in the refined fuel, heating oil, propane and liquid waste industries. Today, Progress provides complete tank and chassis upfitting services to provide you with turnkey units through one of the largest dealer distribution networks in the US, giving our customers the ability to not only buy local, but receive service and support from local dealers as well.

Base Specifications

■ Tank material: Aluminum or stainless steel
■ Capacity: 1,250 to 2,000 U.S. gallon
■ 2-compartment (Fresh water/waste)
■ Wash-down pump with hose reel
■ All leading right angle drive pump brands available
■ Ground level fresh water tank fill
■ Roadside single inlet service (Dual service standard)
■ Aluminum hose trays
■ Dual tool box
■ Standard bucket/bottle holder
■ Curbside and roadside work lights
■ Toilet carrier
■ Two 5” sight glasses
■ Work station (Standard in the 2,000 gallon model)
■ Safety lights
■ Backup camera
Call for Options

Our portable restroom trucks come standard with retractable hose reel, work lights, hard piped primary line and tiger tail setup.